Every single product that is sold through Kastor Energy, has a five-year limited warranty.

Our intention is to provide hassle-free sales and service to every single client. At the same time, we must be pro-active on how to deal with different buying habits or installations.

Our limited warranty at Kastor Energy is designed to ensure that under the right circumstances and trust, our clients have piece of mind when it comes to the purchases that they have made. We do everything in our power to make sure that every single product sold through Kastor Energy is of the highest level of quality and free of defect, delivered to our clients.

  1. All warranties are issued only to the original buyer, the warranty isn’t transferable to any third party. The product must be purchased directly from Kastor Energy, to be enrolled in our limited warranty.
  2. Limited warranty is solely applied to the products that have been installed and handled properly and based on the individual item’s technical data sheet.
  3. No warranty is applied to any fixture that was misused or modified by buyer(s).
  4. No warranty will be issued for visible physical damage(s) done to the product.
  5. No warranty will be issued for any electrical fault caused during installation.
  6. The limited warranty covers the replacement or repair of the product only if in original condition.
  7. The repair cost is the responsibility of Kastor Energy only if the product is found to be defective.
  8. Under normal circumstances, for approved warranty issues, shipping costs are responsibility of Kastor Energy. The way of shipping is addressed by your designated representative at Kastor Energy and not by the buyers.
  9. Any product must be installed based on their proper usage and latest electrical code. Improper use, act of nature, fluctuation of power source, exposure to hazardous material, improper location, environment or temperature, and any similar misuse will void the limited warranty.
  10. In the case of outdoor products, all above warranty conditions are applied plus;
    1. Any water damage due to bad installation will void all other conditions and no warranty is approved.
    2. Any accidental or physical damages caused by animals or an irregular act of nature will void the warranty.
  11. If the product(s) you have purchased on www.shop.kastorenergy.com are no longer in production or no longer for sale and all above conditions have passed, then faulty products will be replaced with similar products at no charge.
  12. Failure to comply with warnings given with products will void the warranty.

Should anything be unclear in regards of the warranty for your new LED lights purchased by us, please log in to your account and click on “Support Tickets” to create a new ticket so that a representative may contact you to assist you further.