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All Kastor Energy products are quality tested and checked before they are released for shipment to our clients. We always guarantee you will receive a quality product which produces beautiful lighting and is made to last. We take pride in providing products which work. We don’t encourage the usage of any cheap LED lights because the design, structure, LED chips, and driver are all important elements of a pro-grade fixture. Our products stand out with the best designs and easy installation. Below are some questions we’ve answered in advance to make the purchase process a bit easier:

What makes Kastor Energy’s products the best in the market?

Simply put we are LED enthusiasts and care for quality lighting. Our team dedicates most of its time to the selection and assessment of LED products qualified for the North American market. We believe that the light installed in your home, office, shop, school, or more should suit the environment it is in. We would never provide a fixture that is not suitable or not 100% ready for use.

What do I need to know when making my LED purchase?

Each product page is fully equipped with all the specifications you need to know before making your LED lighting purchase. The most important elements to note for any lighting purchase are the following:

  • Watts
  • Lumens
  • Colour Temperature
  • Application/Usage
  • Lighting effect/angle

It’s important to make sure your fixture is the colour you desire (3000 K, 4000 K, 5000K, and in very slim cases 6000 K). 3000K is a warm yellow colour which we recommend for any indoor area which requires comfortable and cozy lighting. 4000 K is great for retail locations and 5000K is perfect for any warehouse, factory, sports facilities, and more. 5000 K is the colour temperature equivalent to a bright white.

What certifications do Kastor Energy’s products have?

All our products are certified under the universal North American standards such as CULUS, DLC, DLC Premium, Energy Star, and/or CETLUS. With these certifications, our LED products are qualified for both sale and use in the North American market. A product which is certified for European standards (ROHS) is not qualified under Canadian standards because the electrical code of conduct is differs.

How long do your LEDs lights last for?

The LED lights we provide are guaranteed to last for 50,000 hours unless stated otherwise on the product page. If you have any questions about any of our products just contact our team via live chat or if you’re an KE member you can login to the Support Portal and create a support ticket.