Earn great rewards while making a positive decision for yourself and planet earth. When you are purchase products at, you receive great saving on your electricity bills and help the environment, so why not earn redeemable points too? We call our rewards system KE Points.

How does it work?

It’s simple! Each dollar spent on your purchase through will earn you 10 points. You can redeem these points on your next purchase and receive $1 discount on every 250 points earned (Essentially a 4% discount on your next purchase). A quick calculation for 100 dollars of spending is as follows:

  • $100 X 10 points for each $1 spending = This means you’ll receive 1000 101 Points!
  • 250 of 101 Points = 1$
  • 1000 of 101 Points ÷ 250 points for every dollar spent = $4 dollar saving towards your next purchase!
  • $100 X 4% = $4

KE Points is rewarded as credit toward your next purchase of LED lighting products.

Who receives KE Points?

Any of our clients that have a registered member account with will automatically receive points from their purchases. You will receive 1000 points just by signing up as a KE member! You can either redeem all your KE Points on a purchase or use a certain amount, it all depends on you.

Do Bulk Deals Receive KE Points?

At the moment, we do not offer any KE Points for bulk deals since they are guaranteed to have the best prices possible. But this is something we are working on so please bare with us. In the meantime, if you sign up with us and become a member you are sure to receive discounts and be a part of the greatest lighting journey together.

Is there a minimum number of KE Points I must have to redeem it on a purchase?

Not at all. You could use your points at any time and any amount for your order.

Do KE Points expire?

Your KE points won’t expire. However, if any updates or changes are made to the KE point system then this will be communicated with you via email in advance. If you happen to delete your account, then your KE Points will be gone as well. If you think your points will be better used by another KE member, then transfer them! Contact us via Live Chat or create a new ticket so that a representative may complete this for you. We want our clients to receive high quality products and have peace of mind that they have made the best out of their deals. We won’t under cut any of our friendly client service relationships because of better prices, great quality, or the point system.

What currency is the point system based on?

All the KE point credits are done based on the Canadian dollar only. We are currently working on the KE system for U.S.A as well.