Quality Products

We do more than provide quality products, we provide quality service as well. Our customer service reps are always at the ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have with regards to our products, shipping, account settings, returns, and more. Contact us via live chat or email for any questions you may have.

Below are answers to some FAQs about our service:

What makes us LED lighting experts?

Our technical experts are individuals who have been in the construction and electrical fields for 30+ years. Their hands-on skills allow for them to be involved with the design and selection of the best LED fixtures in the market guaranteed. Our experts have worked in various projects, from homes to retail to the airline industry. No question goes unanswered with us, we’re here to help.

What are the best ways to contact our customer service reps?

You can always reach out with any questions about our products or services via email or Live Chat. Our customer service reps are happy to help with any questions or concerns. If for some reason your Live Chat message or email does not receive a response then please contact us at 1-844-992-8725.

What are our regular business hours?

We are an online business, so technically our shop is open any time of the day (or night). Our customer service reps and technical support is available from 8:30 am PST to 5 pm PST. If you are in the B.C Canada region then you can always come on down to visit us at our showroom on 1641 Welch Street in North Vancouver, B.C.

How long before we receive a response to an inquiry via email?

We will respond to all emails within 24 hours. If for some reason you don’t hear back from us, your email may not have gotten through or it has gone to the spam box. Don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or give us a call at 1-844-992-8725.

Do we provide help with the installation of an Kastor Energy product?

We highly recommend having your certified electrician to do the installation for you, these are electrical products and your safety is our greatest concern. We can guide with any installation questions you may have regarding your new LED product. We make certain that all products for sale on Kastor Energy are easy and quick to install, but sometimes there will be questions. If something doesn’t make sense just contact us straight away!